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Uvink company is the Promoter of Environmentally-friendly Ink at China, in the past 20 years we have offered customization and special ink technical R&D, OEM, ODM services to global customers.Currently, Uvink company's annual production capacity more than 10000tons, has obtained more than 10 patents of digital inkjet technology and was awarded National High-tech enterprise.

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dtf ink manufacturer

With several years formula technology R&D experiences, Uvink company has unique designs and processes in pigment dispersion, ink manufacturing and automated packaging, which can reduce the downtime of grinding and dispersing equipment and improve the stability and productivity of inks.Uvink company is ISO9001 certified company, implement ERP management system and other advanced methods, we are running a strict quality control system for digital inkjet ink R&D, production and services to ensure absolute consistency between batches. 

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direct to film ink


direct to film ink

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direct to film ink

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The annual production capacity of Uvink exceeds 10,000 tons.

Manufacturers, the price is more preferential, so as to maximize the interests of customers.

Uvink company always focus on Digital Inkjet Ink R&D, offering OEM, ODM services to global customers in the past 20 years.

Uvink company took the lead in assembling automatic sub-packing and packaging integrated equipment, which further ensures the consistency between different products.

eco solvent ink for epson

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What are the requirements for colorants in inks?
Colorants for inks include pigments and dyes. Pigments are divided into organic pigments and

inorganic pigments. Organic pigments have bright hues, strong coloring power, and short drying

time. They are widely used in inks. Colorants are the main components of inks. The color of inks

is determined by them. It can give inks Different colors and color concentrations, and make

the ink have a certain viscosity and dryness.
What are the factors affecting ink oxidative conjunctival drying?
The change process of the ink from the fluid state to the solid state is called the drying of the ink,

and the time required to complete this process is called the drying time. Short drying time means

fast ink drying and long drying time means slow ink drying. The drying speed of the ink has

a great influence on the quality of the printed matter. If the drying is too fast, the ink will be

skinned and pasted on the surface of the printing plate,
What factors affect the low adhesion fastness of plastic gravure printing ink?
The adhesion of the ink film on the substrate is called the adhesion fastness of the ink. In plastic

gravure printing, there are many factors that affect the adhesion fastness of ink on the surface of

the substrate. Only by comprehensive analysis and evaluation of ink components, solvent

properties, and substrate properties can the ink’s adhesion fastness be fundamentally improved.

The test of ink adhesion fastness is generally measured by scotch tape sticking and pulling.